Confident, Competent & Fulfilled




I see you.

You're the kind-hearted, passionate woman who's going to make a huge difference in this world. But you have a hard time seeing yourself that way.

In your best moments you're empathetic, supportive, and strong. But in your worst moments you're easily wounded, anxious, and insecure.

You wonder if you can have the life you dream of. Every time you take a step forward, those emotions get in the way.

Hi there. I'm Erica, an Emotional Wellness Coach for women struggling with over sensitivity, anxiety and insecurity.  

  • I empower women to find their identity in Christ and re-align their self-image with how God designed them to be

  • Help them reduce the intensity of negative emotions and choose healthier responses when those feelings come up

  • Explore their gifts + passions to provide them with the clarity and confidence to pursue their God-given purpose

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If you're ready to stop being controlled by negative emotions, have the kind of confidence that sticks around no matter what, and start enjoying life, NOW is your time!

Here you'll find support, encouragement, and tools to help you on your journey to becoming the confident, competent and fulfilled woman you were made to be.

I even have a special freebie to help you understand and control your anxiety! This is powerful stuff. Scroll just a little bit further to download your anxiety-fighting freebie now!

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Are you an anxious person? Download my free worksheet, Discover the Roots of Your Anxiety.

This worksheet will help you if ...

  • You feel anxious every day

  • You don't even know why you're anxious, you just are

  • You can't seem to control your anxiety


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