You've been in the background all your life.

You're not the "leader" type. If someone else wants to shine, well, you're not going to get in the way. Besides, you're not like them (confident, charming, good at everything). 

No, for you, things aren't so easy. You've had to struggle through life. You've been ignored. You've been mistreated. You've been unloved. 

And it hurt. It still hurts. 

But that's not the secret. The secret is that you're hiding a big dream in your heart.  You don't dare share it with anyone because they wouldn't expect you to succeed. Sometimes you don't even acknowledge it's there.  

But here's something you need to know:

You are an IDEAL leader. 

What this world needs is not leaders who have charisma, but leaders who have character. Not leaders who are confident in their own abilities, but leaders who allow Christ's power to shine through their weakness. 

Understand this: In the hands of Christ, your past is not a limitation. It is perfect preparation for your future.