Your Abundant Life Begins Now



Hey There, Visionary!

Do you daydream about what life will be like after you get your business off the ground?

Do you long to close the gap between your current reality and your vision for the future?

Do you wish this whole business-building thing felt easier?

I did too! That's why I've adopted a unique approach that allows me to be fully present and enjoy my life while still moving my business forward


Hi! I'm Erica Evans, Life Fulfillment Coach. I help visionary entrepreneurs drop the stress, appreciate the moment, and make progress in their business with ease.

The Truth Is, Your Life Can Feel Abundant NOW.

No more thinking about your business when you're with your family. No more working late into the night. No more pushing off your happiness until "one day when." Okay? (I hope you're nodding your head right now!)


So You May Be Wondering Why I Care So Much?

Well, I used to be exactly where you are now. When I first started my business a little over a year ago, I had so much passion that I wanted to work on it 24/7. I spent every possible moment outside of my 9-5 job strategizing, creating, and coaching.

It didn't take long for my passion to devolve into an unhealthy obsession, though. I started staying up all hours of the night, spiraling into anxiety and resenting the mundane things in life, like having to make dinner or clean the house. I even got upset when my husband asked me to put the laptop away and spend some time with him. (Eeek! I'm ashamed to admit that.) I just kept thinking all I needed was to complete the next task, or get to the next step in my business plan. 

Oddly enough, even though I was working so hard, I wasn't making progress. I would second-guess myself, scratch everything and try a new business direction. I tried Life Coaching, Emotional Wellness Coaching, and Business Coaching to name a few. I watched webinars, bought courses, and hired multiple coaches. Still, nothing was working! All the while, my marriage was suffering, my bank account was dwindling, and my health was deteriorating.

Then I Got On My Knees And Prayed For A Solution


That's when the Lord showed me that I had gotten away from my calling.

I was called to create a movement of  confident, competent and fulfilled women, but in order to help others, I needed to be those things myself.

So I started thanking God for what I'd already been given, relinquishing control, and working less. I stopped listening to the experts and listened to my own intuition. I started to trust myself again, and give myself permission to try new things and to fail.

And do you know what? This approach is working beautifully! I'm less stressed, more in the moment, and happier than ever with my business! Now I get to help visionary entrepreneurs like you experience fulfillment in their own lives too! 


So Why Should You Choose Me As Your Coach?

I know that the entrepreneurial journey can feel lonely and overwhelming. You need a support person to help you cut through the noise, listen to your own heart, and make progress in a healthy, sustainable way. 

One thing my clients always tell me is, "You make this feel so easy!" That's exactly how building your business and balancing your life SHOULD feel! 

If you're DONE working hard and getting nowhere... If you're ready to enjoy your life NOW... If you want to make progress in your business the EASY way... Then I'm the coach for you!


Coaching Certifications & Training
Certifications I’ve earned & training I've invested in include:

  • American Life Coach Academy's Certified Life Coach (An International Coach Federation accredited school)
  • Private Mentoring with Brie Beeks of Blissful Bosses
  • Sara Anna Powers' Magnetic Messaging and The Mastermind: Mindset, Messaging & Momentum 

I want you to have an ABUNDANT life, and I know how to help you claim it!