I Believe Each Woman Has A Unique Calling Through Which She Can Impact The Kingdom Of God And Create A Life She Loves.

Hi, I'm Erica Evans, Christian Life & Business Coach.
I teach service-centered women how to build a faith-focused coaching business so they can make an income while they spread the love of Christ!


Are you a person who has deep care for humanity?

Does it hurt you to see others hurting?

Do you dream of creating a movement of whole, happy & healthy people?

Me too! That's why I started this business. But to be honest with you, it wasn't easy to get to this point. 


When I Was Little, I Was The Girl Who Gave Everybody Hugs.

I could always tell when someone was sad, and I had to do something about it! I wasn't much of a talker, but I knew that simply being there and lending an ear went a long way.

As I got older, I stopped giving out hugs, but I still had a bleeding heart! I was the girl people came to with all of their problems. I was the one who gave sound advice and lifted their spirits. And I was the one who left those conversations feeling drained. 

One Day, God Gave Me A Vision For Confident, Competent & Fulfilled.

At the time, I thought it was going to be strictly a ministry, but God had other plans. Years later, I took my first step toward fulfilling my calling by starting a blog. A year after that, I became a Certified Life Coach and tested the waters with free coaching sessions.


I LOVED coaching women, but I had this underlying feeling that I was being taken advantage of.

Then one day the light bulb came on! The problem wasn't the coaching itself. The problem was that I wasn't being compensated for my time and energy. 

Yes, I wanted to help people, but I also wanted to help myself. I wanted to quit my day job. I wanted to pay off my student loan debt, and I wanted people to know that what I had to offer was valuable. I knew I had to start thinking like a business owner.

Dusty Rose.png

I'm No Longer Shy About Saying I Run A Business, And You Shouldn't Be Shy About Starting One Either.

Because truthfully, making an income frees you up to do MORE ministry, reach MORE people, and be MORE generous. 

So why choose me to help you start your faith-based coaching business?


You have options. You could try to figure this out on your own, you could work with another coach, or you could choose to work with me. You want to make the best decision, and I want the same for you too!

Here's the truth: If you choose not to work with me, you will be fine. Yes, you read that right. As long as you are walking in obedience to God, He is going to accomplish His will for your life.

That being said, I can help you cut through the confusion and reach your goals much faster!


I Also Want You To Know That I Understand Your Heart.

You're the woman who serves God with her whole heart. The woman who wants to know and obey God's will. The woman who'd rather be broke than make a profit in a dishonest way.

I'm here to show you how to build a business that honors God, uses your unique gifts, and frees you up financially.


Coaching Certifications & Training
Certifications I’ve earned, courses & training I've invested in include:

  • American Life Coach Academy's Certified Life Coach (An International Coach Federation accredited school)
  • Private Mentoring with Brie Beeks of Blissful Bosses
  • Jena Liat's Pinterest Foundations
  • Allie Davis' Visibility Gameplan
  • Amy Porterfield's Webinars that Convert
  • Sara Anna Powers' Magnetic Messaging and The Mastermind: Mindset, Messaging & Momentum (Sara Anna is endorsed by Ray Edwards)
  • Melissa Pharr's Master Your Money Conversations

I want God's best for you, and I know how to help you claim it!