Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Erica! My mission in life is to create a movement of confident, competent and fulfilled women in Christ. Because everything you need can be found in Jesus. 


Your doubts, your fears, your "what ifs" are no match for God's vast love for you, which He displayed on the cross. 

My dear, if you've been burdened with the weight of a big dream, I want to encourage you NOT to ignore it. 

That dream was lovingly placed in you by the Father. You were custom made to carry it out! 

I want you to know that with God by your side, you lack nothing.

I pray that gives you boldness. I pray you say in this very moment, "Yes, Lord." Yes to the calling. Yes to the journey. 

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Who Am I?

I am first and foremost, a follower of Christ. I have learned that all other parts of my identity are secondary to that. I praise God for the redemption and healing I have experienced in my life.

At the time God placed this ministry on my heart, I had quite the battle wounds. I was a shy 22 year old who had suffered from debilitating social anxiety for most of my life. I thought I was worthless. I thought no one would ever listen to me.

But God

He called me up out of my misery and gave me purpose. He began to heal my broken places and speak life over them. He blessed me with the most wonderful husband I could have ever asked for. He ordered my steps, providing help and encouragement along the way. 




Anything is Possible With God

I know this because I've seen it firsthand. After years of being in the background, there's no logical reason I should have stepped out to start this on my own. And yet, God is using my story to encourage other women.

No matter what the world or even your own doubts may say, the reality is you don't need qualifications, you just need God. 

"The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him." -Psalm 37:23

Fun Facts About Me

  • Cake is my favorite food; seriously, it's a problem
  • I am an Introvert, INFJ on the Myers-Briggs test; (I'm obsessed with Myers-Briggs)
  • I'm a Certified Life Coach
  • I am PASSIONATE about helping women live out their calling
  • I wholeheartedly believe God qualifies those whom He has called! 

Pssst... I think you, me, and God can do some cool things together.

Curious about how working with me can help move your ministry forward? 

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