3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Ministry

You love Jesus and you want to share the gospel with others. You know ministry is right for you, and all that's left to do is start one. All set, right? 

Not so fast! Here are 3 things to consider before starting a ministry.

1. Are you willing to sacrifice?

Starting a ministry is no small feat. You will put in hours upon hours of work, and you may not see the fruits of your labor immediately. It may take months, even a year or more before your ministry really gains traction. If you are unwilling to sow, and sow, and wait, and sow some more before you see the harvest, then you may be better off serving in an already established ministry. 

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2. Are you willing to listen?

Ministry is God's work, which means it has to be done God's way in order to be successful. Are you guilty of trying to figure out things on your own? Looking to yourself for answers will only get you so far. You need to able to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance, and seek counsel from godly men and women who have gone before you. 

3. Are you willing to surrender?

The ministry God called you to build is His, not yours. That's hard to remember, especially after you've poured blood, sweat and tears into it. It sort of becomes your baby. But watch out that you don't let it become your everything. God will not stand for anything being an idol. There have been times in my ministry-building journey that God let me fail so I could loosen my grip, surrender the ministry to Him, and fix my attention on the One who called me, not what He called me to. 

If you've read these and you still feel led to start a ministry, great! It's hard work but it is one of the best character-building experiences that I know of! 

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