What Your Calling Is NOT

There's something very important I need to tell you. And it's something you may not hear from anybody else.

It's what your calling is NOT. You may be wondering why I'm focusing on what your calling isn't instead of what it is. Well the truth is, this is crucial information.

Without this information you may find yourself stuck, unable to fulfill your calling (unless you have the perfect conditions). So let me just come out with it: 

Your calling is NOT inflexible.


Let me explain what I mean. When God called you, He knew you would experience different seasons in your life: busy ones, restful ones, difficult ones ─ all sorts. Life is ever-changing, and your calling must bend and flex with it.

It has to be that way. Otherwise there would be seasons where we couldn't walk in our purpose, and God didn't design us to be purposeless.

What I'm saying is that while you do have a specific calling, you have the FREEDOM to express it in whatever way suits the season you're in.

Sometimes your calling will be expressed in big grand ways, and sometimes it will be expressed in small ordinary ways.

The key to fulfilling your calling is to ask God how you can express it DAILY.

That's right. You don't have to wait. Even the small and mundane is important to God.

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