You feel called to start a ministry . . .

But when it comes to building it, things are less clear

Each time you take a step forward, doubts & insecurities creep in

You're not sure if you're going in the right direction or taking the right steps

What if instead, you:

Were absolutely clear on your ministry direction

Took bold and consistent action to move your ministry forward

Had total confidence that it would succeed

Hi! I'm Erica Evans, Christian Ministry Coach

I come alongside women to help them build the powerful ministry God placed on their heart, so they can confidently & competently transform lives. 


Together, we can: 

  • Kick overwhelm, self-doubt & fear to the curb
  • Strengthen your spiritual skills so you can walk in faith & boldness
  • Combine your gifts, passions & story to create an impactful ministry that feels 100% "you"
  • Streamline your processes & get you organized so you can get more done in less time

Are you ready to build the ministry God placed on your heart?


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