Kingdom Business Mentorship

A 6-Month Mentorship for the Ministry-Minded Leader Who is Ready to Take Her Gifts to the Marketplace.

This signature program was lovingly designed for you, the woman who wants to make a big impact AND a big income. It IS possible to build a God-honoring and profitable business. I'm here to show you how.

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Imagine What It Would Feel Like To:

  • Start your mornings with breakfast in bed, a cup of hot tea & an hour-long quiet time.
  • Double your salary while doing the work that God called you to do.
  • Mentor women, host luxury retreats, and be invited to speak on stages around the world.
  • Watch the lives of your clients transform as a result of your obedience.
  • Create the time & financial freedom to take a romantic two-week vacation to Maui with your husband.
  • Show your children that anything is possible instead of just telling them.

All of this is possible with my 6-Month Mentorship!

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What Clients Are Saying:

"Erica is an amazing listener, very intuitive, analytical and creative. She gave me her honest opinions, and made me feel very comfortable during the process.  

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Before working with her I was frustrated and very discouraged because I couldn’t put all the business pieces together to make it work. I didn’t have a clear vision on how to make my faith and business work together and was unable to express myself in the way I truly wanted to.

Not only did Erica help me map my business plan and the steps to make it happen, but I was encouraged and even refreshed by having someone so knowledgeable review what was on my heart and mind. Erica confirmed some of my ideas and added fresh ones.

Now I can truly do what I love to do and actually enjoy getting paid too! Erica is a wealth of information— a treasure trove of valuable resources."

-Marishka, Nutritional Therapy Practictioner & Keto Life Coach

Why I'm So Passionate About This Work:

When I worked in corporate, I was so unhappy! The more I opened up about it to other faith-centered women, the more I realized I wasn't alone.

We wanted more out of life, but it wasn't just about finding personal fulfillment. It was also about honoring the call to make disciples of all nations.


I started thinking, "Why does ministry & work have to be separate?"

I knew that there was a desire among Christian women to do ministry full time, but there was a lack of opportunity and income. 

I felt strongly that women of faith shouldn't have to choose between ministry and money, so my 6-Month Mentorship was born!

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Kingdom Business Mentorship Is Your Solution!

Here's What We'll Cover In Our Six Months Together:

Month 1: Developing A Victorious Mindset, Understanding Your God-Given Design & Discovering Who You're Meant To Serve
We'll begin with prayer and scripture-reading to help you feel confident in your ability to fulfill your calling. We'll discuss your big-picture vision, uncover the unique value you add to the world and discern who can benefit the most from your gifts.

Month 2: Identifying Your Unique Voice, Honing Your Coaching Skills & Packaging Your Expertise
You'll discover the message you most want to share with the world and learn how to coach in a way that transforms lives. Together we'll package your gifts, skills and life experience into a coaching program that people want and need.

Month 3: Validating Your Business Idea & Creating A Relationship Path
You'll be able to test your business idea and practice your coaching skills in a risk-free way that builds your confidence, plus learn how to create relationships with potential clients and make working with you a no-brainer!

Month 4: Crafting Your Captivating Copy
I'll teach you how to write website copy that captivates your ideal client clearly communicates the value of what you do, and makes your services irresistible. 

Month 5: Designing A Beautiful Brand & Website That Attracts Your Ideal Customers
We'll discuss how to choose the colors, fonts, and photography that represents your heart and speaks to the people you most want to attract. You'll gain the skills to create a beautiful website ─ even if you're not tech-savvy!

Month 6: Building A Loyal Tribe Who Wants To Buy From You & Successfully Selling With Integrity
We'll find your tribe and create a customized plan for marketing your services in an authentic way. You'll also learn a compassionate sales process that allows you to be yourself, serve the potential client, and successfully sell with integrity!


Here's What's Included In Your Mentorship:

18 Mentoring Sessions
You'll receive eighteen 60-minute private mentoring sessions to help you build your faith-centered business. These are conducted via video and include screen sharing so you can get the intensive, hands on help you need. You'll be able to learn, implement & make progress in real time.

Video Recordings
You'll receive recordings of all of your sessions so you can refer back to them at any time.

Each month, you'll receive guidsheets and templates to help you stay organized and implement what you learn.

Tech Tutorials
I'll record short instructional videos on how to complete assignments that involve technology to cut down on your learning curve and save you time.

Unlimited Voxer Support
Life happens between sessions. When you need additional support or encouragement, I've got you covered! You'll receive unlimited Voxer (voicemail app) access to me for the duration of our Mentorship.


1. Gifts. You'll be blessed with a beautiful planner and prayer journal so you can start your entrepreneurial journey off on the right foot!

3. An Additional Month Of Voxer Access. After your Mentorship concludes, you'll be given an additional month of Voxer support to address any questions that come up as you grow your business. (So it's like having SEVEN months with me!)

Here's What You'll Have After We Work Together:

  • Clarity on your unique calling & how you can serve the world like nobody else.
  • Killer coaching skills & a signature program that provides transformative results.
  • A validated business idea that you're completely passionate about.
  • The knowledge & tools to build a beautiful brand & website.
  • Messaging that makes you irresistible to your ideal clients.
  • A customized marketing plan and an effective sales process that honors your values.

Are you ready to build your Kingdom Business?


1 Payment of $5000

6 Monthly Payments of $850

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We'll address any questions you have & make sure it's the right fit for you.

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Got Questions?

Here are a few commonly asked questions, along with my responses! If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at:


This all sounds great, but can I really justify spending this much money?

I understand that this price may feel like a stretch, and it can be scary to invest in yourself. However, I truly believe that the transformation and value you'll get from this mentorship will be well worth it. I've invested in coaching myself and know that when you invest at such a high level, you are committed to showing up and doing the work. Because of that, you get better results! 

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds for coaching. I give my clients my very best and expect the same level of commitment in return. While I can offer solutions, it is up to you to implement them. With both of us all-in from the beginning, we can quickly build trust and work together to create the change you desire.

What if I can't commit to 6 months of coaching?

I know your time is precious. I believe that participating in this mentorship will actually save you time because you'll be focusing on the right things instead of spending time on things that keep you busy but don't move you forward. However, if a 6 month commitment isn't feasible, I offer an all-day in-person coaching experience that may be a better fit. Click here for details.

Do you have any professional training or certifications?

Absolutely! I'm a Certified Life Coach. I received my training at American Life Coach Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have also invested in private business coaching, group coaching, and courses so that I can give you the support you need to successfully build your business. Scroll to the bottom of my About page for a full list of my trainings.

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