Your Abundant Life Begins Now

Kingdom Life VIP Experience

An All-Day VIP Coaching Experience for the Faith-Filled Visionary Who’s Ready to Turn Her Big Ideas Into Big Action.

This VIP Coaching Experience was created especially for you, the woman who craves meaning, growth, and impact. You know you were called to live an abundant life. I'm here to show you how to claim it.

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How Would It Feel To:

  • Pursue the path YOU feel called to instead of what everyone else wants for you.

  • Recognize the daily opportunities you have to embrace your God-given identity.

  • Experience God's peace & favor as you walk in alignment with His will.

  • Have confidence that you WILL reach the goals and fulfill the desires that God has placed in your heart.

  • Take action to achieve your goals TODAY!

ALL of this is possible for you. I'll show you how!

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Client Love:

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"Working with Erica was like talking to an old friend. 

She quickly and effortlessly unleashed me from my negative thoughts and walked me around my own obstacles to be the woman I was made to be.

Erica is an amazing coach who shows her clients the beauty and acceptance of who they were created to be."

-Jessica, Domestic Engineer

Here's Why I Do This Work:

When I first discovered my purpose, I didn't know how to cultivate it. I had no support, no direction, and no hope of realizing my dreams. Because of that, I sat on my true calling for almost 5 years. Seriously, I knew I was meant for more, but I couldn’t figure out how to walk toward my true purpose in my daily life.  


Through conversations with other women, I discovered that this was a common problem. Not only did they struggle to find their purpose, but they had no idea what to do after they'd found it!

I created Kingdom Life to address this overarching problem. With my VIP Experience, you’ll find the intensive support and guidance you need to determine how you can live out your true calling ─ moment by moment, day by day.

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Kingdom Life VIP Experience Is Your Solution!

I’ve created a special three-part framework to help you take action on your God-given calling.

We'll begin by setting goals for our time together. Do you desire to create an exit plan for your 9-5 job? Start building your profitable & impactful faith-based business? Create financial freedom for you and your family? YOU decide what's most important, and we'll map out our day to accomplish it.

We'll overcome doubts and address possible hindrances to your success. I'll also teach you the major mindset shift that will help you walk in your purpose every day, the 3 keys to success, plus how to build resilience and what to expect as you live out your calling. 

We'll lift up your goals in prayer before diving in to accomplish them. You'll feel fully supported as I encourage and coach you through each step of the process. By the end of our time together, you'll be equipped and empowered to achieve the true level of success meant for you!


Here's What's Included In Your VIP Experience

A Day With Me at the Beautiful Fearrington Village in North Carolina
Your VIP Experience includes a day with me at the enchanting Fearrington Village, a private meeting space, and meals. You can completely relax, renew, and be inspired by the beauty of your environment.

Unlimited Email Support
After your VIP Experience, you'll have two weeks of unlimited email access to me to support you as you work toward your vision.

A Personal Invitation to Work With Me in My 6-Month Mentorship
 Space is limited to ensure that each client receives the care and attention she deserves. I only have {3} spots available per month! Participation in Kingdom Life VIP Experience guarantees you the opportunity to work with me in my Kingdom Business Mentorship and qualifies you for a special rate.


Here's What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A renewed mind & spirit ready to overcome obstacles & make your dreams happen!
  • Knowledge of how to set achievable goals, prioritize tasks & maximize your time.
  • A day's worth of high-priority tasks completed!
  • A clear understanding of YOUR unique path to success and the action steps to get you there.

Are you ready to jumpstart your success?



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We'll address any questions you have & make sure it's the right fit for you.

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Got Questions?

Here are a few commonly asked questions, along with my responses! If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at:


This all sounds great, but can I really justify spending this much money?

I understand that this price may feel like a stretch, and it can be scary to invest in yourself. However, I truly believe that the progress you'll make and the renewal you'll experience as a result will make the investment well worth it. I've invested in coaching myself and know that when you invest at such a high level, you are committed to showing up and doing the work. Because of that, you get better results! 

What does Kingdom Life VIP Experience Include?

The Experience includes a day with me (9:00am-5:00pm) at the beautiful Fearrington Village, a private meeting space, and meals for the day. You will be responsible for travel expenses.

I'm not able to travel. Is there a virtual option?

I do not offer a virtual option. Meeting in person allows you to focus and digest the information much better than if you spent 8 hours staring at a computer screen! With Kingdom Life, I'll be able to provide you with hands-on support you need to experience the change you truly desire.

I also believe in the power of pampering! I've created a luxury experience that will allow you to be recharged, inspired and encouraged to take the action you need to successfully achieve your goals. 

Do you have any professional training or certifications?

Absolutely! I'm a Certified Life Coach. I received my training at American Life Coach Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have experience in the client services, career services, and human resources fields, so you could say that I've always been in the business of helping people!

I've also invested in private business coaching, group coaching, and courses so that I can give women the support they need to successfully build their Kingdom Businesses. Scroll to the bottom of my About page for a full list of my trainings.

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 What Others Are Saying:


"Erica's vision to assist other women to fulfill their calling is so needed and speaks to her servant's heart.

Her focus on hearing from God prior to making a move is inspiring and is a valuable skill set that will only lead to more growth and positivity.

The woman who chooses to work with Erica will be forever positively impacted. She is a light the world so desperately needs to hear from." 

-Jeanine, Small Business Consultant

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