Your Abundant Life Begins Now

Lindsey Shares Her Story:


"From high school on, I knew I was called to write. After receiving praise from a teacher, I dreamed of being a best-selling author and making a difference with my words.

However, at that point, I had nothing to say because my life was all about me and what fame I could achieve. I pictured people hanging on my words and basking in my cleverness, but nothing ever came of it.

Writing became a dream of the past, while I finished school and started a career.

As a working professional . . .

I achieved what most people would deem a successful career as a librarian,  but I felt empty on the inside. I had no calling or purpose on my life. I was doing work that mattered, but it wasn't the work God had created me to do.

What I learned was that I wanted to build something of eternal significance. And that only happens when you are a part of God's work.

Through all of my aimless wandering, God was leading me towards a divine confrontation with Him.

Dusty Rose.png

I started working in the missions program at my church,

And began supporting a couple living overseas. My affiliation with that work allowed me an opportunity to meet many other mission-minded folks.  

As I met different people and listened to their stories, I began to notice certainly qualities that I found attractive. As a whole, the people that influenced me the most around this time felt specifically called to the work they were doing. They were also willing to center their life around that call.

Although the work was difficult, they spoke of the sacrifices being worth the effort.


All this time, I continued to ask God what he wanted from me, and he strengthened the desire to do work that mattered and to find community with other believers. I didn't know what my call was, but I wanted one, and I began looking for something different in my life.

A few years before I started writing this book, I did a fast. With frustration, I prayed God would show me the path to a lasting change in my life.

He showed me it was time for me to write a book, but this time I had something to say. God wanted me to write about the principles I had learned from the people I admired. He wanted me to impart the knowledge that was useful to me in growing and become a person alive in Christ.

My story isn't over, but I learned, it's not about me."