3 Tips That Make Reading the Bible Easier

Reading the Bible. Just the thought of it makes us cringe. Not that we don’t want to, but it’s just so darn intimidating! In my last blog post, I shared that spending time in God’s word helps us to know his character and allows us to hear him speaking.

But the question is, how do we read the Bible? Here are 3 simple tips to help you read the Bible without feeling overwhelmed:

3 Tips That Make Reading the Bible Easier.png

1. Use a Bible app.

I am a huge fan of Bible apps. My app of choice is YouVersion. Not does it give you the entire Bible on your phone, but you also get features like the verse of the day, progress tracking, and access to TONS of devotionals. Speaking of devotionals...

2. Start with a devotional.

Devotionals are a great way to get you past the anxiety of reading the Bible. There are devotionals on pretty much anything these days: courage, purpose, ministry...you name it!

Devotionals range in length- anywhere from 3 days up to a year. So you have the flexibility to choose how long you want to spend on a topic.

I love that they usually start with a personal story from the author and then go into the Bible passage. Totally non-intimidating!

3. Listen to it.

This works well if you decide to read through a book of the Bible. You can listen on your Bible App, Audible, or online. This is super convenient because you can just turn it on in the car or whenever!

Sometimes I just put headphones in during my work day and listen. It’s nice to just let the Word get in my spirit (without having to read it myself).

If you’re looking for suggestions on what book of the Bible to start with, I recommend Psalms. I find it to be extremely relatable, and it’s also helped me to be more honest with God when I pray.

So there you have it, 3 tips that make reading the Bible easier!


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