"Erica's vision to assist other women to fulfill their calling is so needed and speaks to her servant's heart.

Her focus on hearing from God prior to making a move is inspiring and is a valuable skill set that will only lead to more growth and positivity.

I think the woman who chooses to work with Erica will be forever positively impacted. She is a light the world so desperately needs to hear from."

-Jeanine, Small Business Consultant

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"I could tell from speaking with Erica that she has deep care for her sisters in Christ. She is a Christ-centered warrior who is shining her light for others."

-Allie, Mindset & Strategy Business Coach


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"Erica is an amazing coach who shows her clients the beauty and acceptance of who they were created to be.

She quickly and effortlessly unleashed me from my negative thoughts and walked me around my own obstacles to be the woman I was made to be."

-Jessica, Happy Client

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"Erica's heart makes her approachable and safe. Not only is she empathic but she also knows how to listen without judgement.

Her calm and clear focus is inspiring and refreshing. She reflects grace." 

-Amber, Inspired Action-Taker