The Reality Is...

Your emotions are keeping you from having the life you want

You've already tried to help yourself and you're still struggling

No one really understands what's going on with you


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Hi there. I'm Erica, an Emotional Wellness Coach. I teach women who experience intense negative emotions how to achieve lasting emotional freedom.

  • I empower women to discover their true identity

  • Help them reduce the intensity of negative emotions and choose healthier responses when those feelings come up

  • Explore their gifts + passions to provide them with the clarity and confidence to pursue their God-given purpose

I truly believe it's possible to have control over your emotions while still feeling deeply and experiencing the richness of life. And I should know!

8 years ago, I was a complete emotional mess. If you’d asked me how I felt about myself, I would have told you I was about as valuable as dirt. I thought I had no purpose, and that there was no reason anyone would want to be around me. Anxiety was my constant companion, and I had panic attacks whenever I was in a social situation.

Today, I no longer have panic attacks or social anxiety. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, and have a wonderful support system. Most importantly, I know my value and my purpose. I want to see you experience the same thing!

So why choose me to help you?

  • I've been in your shoes, and because of that I am PASSIONATE about seeing you through to the other side!

  • I'm a certified Life Coach

  • I've been featured on Introvert, Dear and Putting on the New

  • I've helped other women break free from negative emotions and experience joy!

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Curious about working with me? Here's what my client Jessica had to say:

"Before I started to work with Erica I was down on myself about my high levels of sensitivity, unable to communicate with my husband without crying or shutting down emotionally, anxious on a daily basis, regularly beat myself up for not completing my “to do list," and unable to fully enjoy motherhood.


After just two sessions I was able to see myself for who I am. I am highly sensitive and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I am able to communicate with my husband without crying. I am able to release the unrealistic expectations I placed on myself each day and now I can BREATHE. My anxiety has diminished greatly and I can be present and enjoy the little moments with my kids. I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin and it is a beautiful thing.

My favorite part about working with Erica was that she understood where I was coming from because she had experienced the same type of emotions. That was freeing. I was able to expose what I felt without worrying about judgement. It was like talking to an old friend.

Erica is an amazing coach who shows her clients the beauty and acceptance of who they were created to be.

If you want to change your anxiety, self-confidence issues, or feelings of sensitivity then Erica is the coach for you! She quickly and effortlessly unleashed me from my negative thoughts of myself and walked me around my own obstacles to be the woman I was made to be." 


From Emotional to In Control:

Option 1-Coaching Program.png

An 8 Week 1:1 coaching program for the woman who wants to reduce the intensity of  her negative emotions, regain control & find the clarity + confidence to pursue her God-given purpose. 

Emotional Breakthrough:

Option 2-90 min Intensive.png

A 90 minute intensive coaching call for the woman who wants to overcome her most problematic negative emotion and move forward with peace and joy. 

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You can have emotional freedom, but it isn't going to come on it's own. You have to take ACTION. Don't waste another minute!