Confident, Competent & Fulfilled

From Emotional to In Control:

A 12 Week 1:1 coaching program for women who want to break free from negative emotions, be confident in who they are, and boldly pursue their God-given purpose.


Do you want to…

Be able to let criticism roll off your back?

Face the unknown without anxiety?

Have self-esteem that stands up to life’s challenges and failures?

  • To get there you need to:

  • Know who God says you are and believe it!

  • Replace the lies that play in your head with truth

  • Stop doubting yourself when things get hard

No matter if…

  • You feel emotions very deeply and take everything personally

  • You constantly deal with anxiety

  • Or you let fear stop you from going after the life you desire, I understand what you’re going through and I’m here to help!

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I’m Erica Evans, an Emotional Wellness Coach.


I help women struggling with over sensitivity, anxiety and insecurity break free from those negative emotions so they can confidently pursue their God-given purpose. Every woman is made to make an impact, but negative emotions will hold you back if you let them.

8 years ago, I was a complete emotional mess. If you’d asked me how I felt about myself, I would have told you I was about as valuable as dirt. I thought I had no purpose, and that there was no reason anyone would want to be around me. Anxiety was my constant companion, and I had panic attacks whenever I was in a social situation.

Eventually, I avoided going out except when absolutely necessary. I spent hours alone, all the while wishing someone would rescue me.

Today, I no longer have panic attacks or social anxiety. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, and have a wonderful support system. Most importantly, I know my value and my purpose.

Getting here wasn’t easy.

I had to surrender everything I thought was true about myself to what God says is true about me. Everything my past said, others said, and failures said. I had to replace the lies with truth.

And once I knew who I was, I had to fight with everything in me to defend it.

If I can do this, you can too.

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My coaching program, From Emotional to In Control, is a 1:1 12 Week coaching program for women who want to break free from negative emotions, be confident in who they are, and boldly pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

This program is for you if you can’t imagine facing your fears without self-doubt, not letting a hurtful comment get to you, or having a day without anxiety.

From Emotional to In Control is not your typical life coaching program because...


To experience true freedom from negative emotions, you need to know who you are. We’ll work together to discover the truth about yourself in God’s word, accept it, and apply it to your problem areas.


I’ve personally experienced being controlled by over sensitivity, anxiety and insecurity and I know how you feel. I’ll share with you strategies and thought processes that brought me healing.


I encourage you and help you to embrace a positive identity. I give you the tools to fight emotional attacks, preserve the confidence you build, and keep moving forward.

This program gives women the tools they need to have emotional freedom and live with purpose. Together we’ll:

  • Change the voice in your head from critic to supporter

  • Kick emotions out of the driver’s seat and put you back in control

  • Discover how to turn it around and use your struggles to make an impact on the world

From Emotional to In Control was designed with love. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader during this process. You don’t have to wait any longer to be confident and secure. You don’t have to wait to live with freedom and boldness.

After working with me you will:

  1. Know the source of your over sensitivity, anxiety, and insecurity

  2. Have the tools to go from feeling vulnerable and anxious to feeling confident and secure

  3. Know how to stop comparing yourself to others and develop healthy self-esteem

  4. Be able to take criticism without it piercing you to your core

  5. Be able to express yourself during conflict without bottling up your emotions or exploding

  6. Know how to handle failure without self-esteem damage

  7. View your weaknesses in a healthy way

  8. Be able to face uncertainty without anxiety

  9. Have tools to reduce panic in the moment

  10. Finally let go of shame

  11. Explore your gifts + passions

  12. Appreciate yourself and the unique way you’re made

  13. Discover how even your struggles can be used for good

  14. Make a declaration to pursue your God-given purpose

  15. Walk away knowing your first steps to make it happen

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I know that your journey is unique. I’ll get to know you and customize the program to get the best results for you. Together we’ll go through:


  • Learn the foundations of building confidence that holds up to life

  • Know what a confident, competent & fulfilled woman looks like


  • Learn where your over sensitivity came from

  • Know the difference between sensitivity and over sensitivity

  • Identify what causes you to feel wounded

  • Pinpoint the emotions you’re feeling beneath the surface

  • Recognize unhealthy coping reactions & behaviors

  • Learn strategies for dealing with hurt feelings in a healthy way

Weeks 5-7: ANXIETY

  • Learn where your anxiety came from

  • Identify the sources of your anxiety

  • Identify the unconscious thoughts that spark anxiety

  • Conquer resistance to letting go of anxiety

  • Identify your unhealthy responses to anxiety

  • Learn what to do instead

  • Self-Care Ideas

Weeks 8-10: INSECURITY

  • Identify where & when you're insecurities began

  • Pinpoint your insecurities & when they are triggered

  • Identify the specific thoughts that cause you to feel insecure

  • Learn how to put insecurity in its place


  • Learn the 3 biggest sources of shame

  • Learn how to let go of shame


  • Learn how your negative experiences can be used for good

  • Explore your gifts + passions

  • Make a declaration to be the confident, competent & fulfilled woman God called you to be

It’s time to do something about those emotions. They’ve been holding you back. Take part in From Emotional Control so you can finally be free! You’ll get:

  • 11 Weekly 60 minute coaching calls

  • Unlimited Email Support for questions and encouragement between calls

These awesome bonuses are also included with your investment:

  • 60 Minute Follow Up Encouragement Call. I want you to keep loving on yourself, so we’ll check in 4 weeks after the program ends to make sure you're on track!

  • Access to an Online Library of Personal Development Documents to help you along your journey.

I know you want to get past these negative emotions so you can enjoy life and make a difference in this world. Don’t let over sensitivity, anxiety or insecurity hold you back from having what’s rightfully yours.

Schedule your free, no strings attached Freedom Call now to identify what's holding you back from emotional freedom, and walk away with one strategy for overcoming your biggest problem area.


This is for you if...

  • You're tired of letting emotions be in control and you’re ready to make a change now

  • You know that God has good plans for you but you’re not living up to your potential

  • You want to use your story to help others

  • You’re willing to be vulnerable and work hard to change thought patterns that don’t serve you

  • You want to learn how to apply the Bible to you personally

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not prepared to work hard to get results
  • You don’t see the value in investing in yourself or a better life
  • You don’t believe God has any plans for your life
  • You’re not willing to share your emotions
  • You don’t believe the Bible is true or can help you

Your Investment in From Emotional to In-Control:

$1400 USD paid in full


3 monthly installments of $500

This special price won’t last long! The program is full price, $1800, after October 31st!

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I spent years in emotional bondage, not really living the life I wanted. Do you have that kind of time to waste? We can put emotions in their place and get you on the path to fulfillment now.

When you work with me, you don’t just get tools and tips. You get someone truly in your corner. Because I want to focus on you and give you the best support possible, I only work with a limited number of clients per month. Claim your spot now! You don’t want to have to wait to start living your best life.

Ready for emotional freedom? Click below to fill out the application and schedule your free 60 minute Freedom Call.

Remember, there are limited spots, so don’t wait to schedule your call!

In your heart of hearts, you know that life shouldn’t be this difficult. You’ve been giving away control and it’s left you feeling frustrated and tired.

The truth is, you can’t wait for this to fix itself. You have to take action. If you want to stop dreaming about being free and start experiencing it, now is your time!

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Still have questions? Just email me at and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

If you are willing to be courageous and make the decision to fight, you CAN be confident, competent, and fulfilled!